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Nutritional Reflex Testing and Support

Contact Reflex Analysis (CRA), Nutrition Response Testing (NRT) and Nutrition Reflex Analysis are systems of nutritional analysis administered by a trained practitioner of the healing arts. All three are a study of body reflexes and their relationship to nutrition and various body functions. With the use of CRA, NRT or NRA the doctor can instantly monitor body functions with a great degree of accuracy, pinpoint a nutritional deficiency, which may be contributing to a functional disorder and recommend nutrition to support that deficiency before it becomes a full blown health problem. In this respect, these test systems are excellent methods of Natural Preventative Health Care. None of these systems are a form of treatment or diagnosis, but is simply a method of determining nutritional needs.

CRA was researched and developed by a Chiropractor, Dr. D. A. Versendaal, of Holland, Michigan, with the assistance of a Medical Physician. Their research began 25 years ago and is still ongoing. All three are very similar in practice but have been developed by different practitioners. To successfully practice CRA, NRT or NAR the Doctor must have knowledge of Biochemistry, Anatomy and Physiology, the application of specific whole food complexes to the 75 or more Reflexes, the Location of each Reflex, and the relationship each Reflex has to the body and its function.

The Human Body is made up of pure energy. The body creates electricity, like an electrical plant. Hundreds of miles of Nerves carry electrical energy. Nerves connect with every organ, gland, muscle and tissue of the body. The heart and brain are literally alive with electricity. There are about 75 known Reflexes on the skin, which represent various organs and glands. When the body becomes ill, even at a Sub-Clinical level, it is believed there is an interruption of Nerve energy to theses Reflexes, similar to a blown circuit breaker under an overload. For example: We can use any muscle as a tester, usually the arm muscle. When a Doctor’s finger comes near or touches a Reflex, one of two things will happen to that muscle-
1.    If there is an Infection, Allergy, or an improperly functioning Organ, the muscle will lose its strength, indicating a sick Reflex has been located. Using this information, the Doctor can determine which Nutrition will benefit the patient.
2.    If the muscle remains strong, a normal healthy Reflex has been contacted.
Every year, I have the privilege of attending continuing education seminars to improve my skill with these techniques. I personally believe that all of these techniques represent great advancement in Nutritional Evaluation, and it is a major service that I offer my patients. I have seen dramatic changes take place in patient’s health, who were prisoners in their own sick body, shackled to their health disorders. After using the information I obtained from these nutrition testing procedures, I suggest nutrition that will assist their bodies and they experience a tremendous turnabout in their condition. In these instances, medical and chiropractic therapy alone is not the answer to their problems. Their immediate need is Nutritional, and this is determined by using Response Testing. Many patients are told that they have no diagnosable condition and the cause of their illness may even be cause by some psychological problem and are put on anti-depressants. In many cases these testing procedures and proper nutritional support are the keys to regaining health. If you are tired of feel bad and you want to feel great again, give proper nutritional support a chance.

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I had an ankle adjustment that floored me. Took care of a three-week burning ache in a minute. This is the second time in the last month that this Dr. has performed outstanding adjustments on me. I highly recommend him.

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