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Allergy Elimination

Dr. Edward T. Johnson has practiced chiropractic in the Niceville/ Valparaiso area for 27 years and has just opened his new clinic located at 600 Johns Sims Pkwy, which is just west of Partin Drive.

Dr. Johnson has constantly tried to improve the service he provides to the community by maintaining a strong post graduate study program. Dr. Johnson, over the years, has received post graduate training in Rehabilitation, Pain Management, Acupuncture and Allergy Elimination. Currently Dr. Johnson is near completion of his Masters Degree in Nutrition.

Three years ago Dr. Johnson was asked if he could provide the same treatment that a patient was receiving, from her medical doctor in Orlando, for food and environmental sensitivities. Dr Johnson was not familiar with this treatment protocol at the time but became very interested in these procedures and decided to advance his education in this field. As a result, Dr. Johnson traveled to California to receive post graduate training from Dr. Nambudripad, a medical physician, who has helped to pioneer Non-Invasive Allergy treatment.

Dr. Johnson completed his initial training with Dr. Nambudripad in 2006 and has had the opportunity to help many patients from the local area as well as patients from as far away as Pensacola, Bonifay, Andalusia and Panama City. Many of these patients were frustrated with poor treatment results and continued to suffer from recurrent problems which included pollen sensitivities, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Psoriasis, ADHD, recurrent Migraines, acid reflux, chronic coughs and Fibromyalgia.  In almost every case standard medical treatment had failed to help these patients, so they turned to Dr. Johnson for alternative care.

Most people would not associated food and environmental allergen with many of the illnesses mentioned above. The inflammation, however, caused by these allergens can affect any tissues or organs of the body causing many unexplained health issues.   Food and environmental sensitivities can cause life to be very difficult and the general health of the body can suffer greatly from the chronic inflammatory chemical reacts caused by these allergens. Many people are suffering from undiagnosed conditions which have food and environmental allergens as the cause. Many are told that there is no medical reason for their illness and are given medical to help relieve the symptoms without eliminating the cause of the problem.

The body has the ability to change the way it reacts to multiple sensitivities which is why some medical treatment for allergies involves giving the patient small doses of an allergen until the body is retrained not to react to it.  Dr. Nambudripad has found that the body, in many cases, can be retrained without the injection of these allergens. Her technique incorporates basic neurology, acupuncture theory and neuro-chemical reactions of the body to accomplish relief for the patient.

Identifying the allergen that is responsible for the condition can be challenging since the body can respond to almost anything. Many times unexpected allergens are found to be at the root of the problem. Because Dr. Johnson can test for a wide range of allergens, in the clinic, there is a greater probability of finding the allergens responsible for your illness. The tests performed by Dr. Johnson require no needles or chemicals and can be performed on children as well as adults. There are times, however, when conventional testing is required and blood work is ordered for further information.

If you would like to discuss your case with Dr. Johnson you can contact Health Options Group Inc. at 729-8050 and you will be scheduled an appointment with Dr. Johnson.

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I had an ankle adjustment that floored me. Took care of a three-week burning ache in a minute. This is the second time in the last month that this Dr. has performed outstanding adjustments on me. I highly recommend him.

Niceville, FL

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